We need you!

To keep participation costs as low as possible,  volunteers to help out on the day are essential. Our volunteers will be taking on all sorts of roles; helping at registration, marshalling, managing our Feed Stations and tending the car park.

It's a great way to pick up some work experience, particularly if you're interested in event management or sports, looking great on your CV. You will be fully supported and briefed, plus we're a lovely bunch so you'll have a great time too – hopefully soaking in some sun as well! Volunteer benefits include free event entries, free t-shirt, free food and drink and travel costs covered.

You can choose to help out for an hour or all-day if you want to – just let us know how much time you have to spare and we'll work around you.

Please contact Penny to express your interest and for further details.

Sponsor Us

We have many sponsorship opportunities available, both small and large, for those who would like to set up a mutually beneficial partnership with ourselves. Our events will provide a brilliant platform for promoting any type of business – particularly for those in the field of sport and nutrition (Cycle Stores, Sports Therapy, Personal Trainers...).

We also have spaces in our event village for local companies to set up promotional stalls free of charge, either selling products, giving away samples or offering services on the day.
Please contact Penny to find out more.

Sportive Tips

Getting ready for the challenge

Before the day:

  • Don't over-do training the week before, just a little exercise to keep your muscles loose is best.
  • Eat well - ensure you load up on carbohydrates and fluids the day (or so) before.
  • Give your bike a good once-over at least a few days before hand so if any work needs to be done you have plenty of time to get it sorted.
  • Review the route; a brief knowledge of the route helps with your pace planning. Plus if you're too interested in the scenery and miss an important sign you're covered.
  • Know how to repair a puncture – it may sound silly but if you've never repaired your own bike before, have a practice beforehand. There'll be mechanical help available but it will be quicker to do simple repairs yourself. If you come out with us on one of our rides we will be glad to show you how best to change an inner tube/fix a puncture.
  • Get an early night, with an early morning to follow, leaving plenty of time for a good breakfast (porridge and banana works well) and for it to settle before you ride.
  • Check the weather forecast and dress suitably.


On the Ride:

  • Keep hydrated and eat little and often whilst riding to maintain your energy levels.
  • Pace yourself – it's more of a marathon than a quick sprint.
  • You must abide by the Highway Code and show reasonable courtesy to other road users. Always indicate your intention to stop or change direction. When riding in a group, pointing out hazards and potholes in the road is appreciated.


Things to bring:

  • Puncture repair kit, tyre levers, pump, spare inner tubes and wheel spanners if you need them.
  • Identification, Money and a mobile phone.
  • Food and Drink - enough to see you through 35 miles.
  • Suitable road-worthy bike – and helmet (bring this with you to registration).



  • A change of clothes (including shoes) so you can enjoy the event village in comfort.
  • Suncream
  • Anti-chaffing/Chamious cream
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